Symbioflor® 1 - for illnesses of the upper respiratory system

Stärkung der Abwehrkräfte mit Symbioflor 1

Symbioflor® 1

  • contains the natural intestinal bacterium Enterococcus faecalis
  • helps with recurring infections of paranasal sinuses, bronchial tube and tonsil
  • trains the immune system
  • without gelatinase

Symbioflor® 1 is suitable for the treatment of recurring illnesses of the upper respiratory system. Including inflamation of the paranasal sinuses, bronchial tube and pharyngeal tonsil. The preparation contains the intestinal bacteria Enterococcus faecalis.

Training partner for the immune system – strengthening of the defense system


The bacterium Enterococcus faecalis has a natural training effect on the immune system. The biggest concentration of immune cells are to be found in the intestine.  Invaders first come into the contact with the immune system in this area. This contact activates the immune cells and stimulates  them into spreading throughout the body. By means of the bloodstream they allocate themselves to the various mucous membranes. In this manner the bacteria not only give the intestinal defense a push but also the defense in the paranasal sinus and bronchial tract. 

Symbioflor® 1 is available in the pharmacy.

Questions and answers

  • How do I take it?

     As long as nothing else is prescribed, the following dosage regulations apply:

    Adult  take 30 drops, 3x daily (mornings after rising, noon before lunch, and evenings before going to bed) hold in the mouth for a while and gurgle before swallowing. Children and infants adapting as necessary ( eg. Children 20 drops, 3x daily, infants 10 drops, 3x daily).


  • What´s inside?

     12 drops of Symbioflor®1 contain:

    1,5 to 4,5 x 107  Enterococcus faecalis-bacteria.

    Further ingredients:

    lactose 1 H2O2, l-cystin, sodium carbonate-dekahydrate, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate 7 H2O, potassium chloride, calcium chloride 2 H2O, magnesium chloride 6 H2O, nutrient solution and purified water.


  • Good to know

     In order to achieve a local stimulation of the nasal mucous membrane, as well as a stimulation of the immune system, Symbioflor1 can also be dropped into the nose.